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Funding Request Form

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Requests for funding from the New York State Affiliate will not be all-inclusive.  State funds should be secondary to any assistance offered by your chapter and your personal contributions.

Requests for funding are due by the announced deadline and expenses will not be authorized after the event.

Please provide the start date of the event, including travel days.
Please provide the end date of the event, including travel days.
Description of expenses you are requesting be covered. Include mode of travel and any other necessary details.
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Travel reimbursements are calculated for bus, train, or best-value airline, unless otherwise arranged in advance. Per Diem rate is based on GSA rates as listed for destination Meal and Incidental Expenses ( Receipts for hotel and travel expenditures are required for reimbursement. Per Diem funding does not require receipts.

By typing your name in this box, and submitting this form, you agree to the requirements outlined above.