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2011 Convention at a Glance


Friday Sessions
10:00 A.M. – 12 NOON Town Meeting with the Commission for the Blind of New York

1:00 – 2:30 P.M. Accessible cell phones, iphones, etc. workshop, Mindy Jacobsen and Charlie Richardson

2:30 - 4:15 P.M. New York Diabetic Action Network, Guest Speaker, Pamela Bane, Mindy Jacobsen President, Diabetic Action Network.

2:30 – 4:30 Learning to sell through eBAY workshop, Jonas Klink, Senior Product Manager – Search Front End and Accessibility, eBay, Inc. and Charlie Richardson, top rated eBay seller.

4:30 – 5:30 P.M. Board of Directors meeting

9:00 A.M. Call to order, invocation, announcements and convention arrangements

9:15 A.M. Presentation of the Scholarship Class of 2011, Ray Wayne, Chairman, Scholarship Committee

9:45 A.M. State of the State Report, Carl Jacobsen, President

10:15 A.M. Report from the National office, Anil Lewis, Director of Strategic Communications, National Federation of the Blind, Baltimore, Maryland

10:45 A.M. Report from the Executive Board of the Commission for the Blind, Luis Mendez, Chair

11:00 A.M. Access to Educational, Spiritual and Leisure reading through books and information, Chancey Fleet, Adaptive Technology Specialist, Fr. John Sheehan, SJ, Chairman of the Board of Xavier Society for the Blind, Mindy Jacobsen, Cantor and Sharon Phillips, Head Librarian, New York State Talking Book and Braille Library

2:00 P.M. The honorable David A. Paterson, former Governor of New York State and latest radio personality

2:15 P.M. A Career in the Travel Industry, Cheryl Echevvaria, travel agent

2:30 P.M. Letting the World Bring Money To You, the eBAY Project, Jonas Klink and Charlie Richardson

3:00 P.M. A New Day in the Vending Program, Steve Moore, Business Enterprise Program Director, CBVH

3:15 P.M. No Longer Sub Minimum Wage Employment, Chris Burke, Executive Director, Northeast Association of the Blind of Albany (NABA)

3:30 P.M. A Career in Film and Theater: It’s More Than An Act, Chris Roberts, actor

3:45 P.M. Making it All A Reality, Brian Daniels, Associate Commissioner, CBVH

7:00 P.M. Banquet, Mindy Jacobsen, Mistress of Ceremonies
- Invocation
- Keynote Address, Anil Lewis
- Presentation of Scholarship Awards

9:30 A.M. General Session
- Invocation
- Report from the Nominating Committee
- Report from the Resolutions Committee
- Charting our path into the Future: New business